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With a membership to ASQ, you are part of the world's largest Quality community. Your membership provides you access to people, tools, and ideas that stimulate improved performance and results through quality.

Whether for individuals or entire organizations, ASQ has a flexible approach to membership—utilizing features, services, and benefits relevant to quality experts, professionals, practitioners, and students. While there are a variety of membership opportunities, the benefits continue to evolve based on the needs of individuals and organizations through the ever-changing economic and social climate.

Whatever membership is most relevant to your interests, it is customizable and responsive to your growth and development. You have the ability to craft your own unique quality experience. With access to our expansive Quality Body of Knowledge, you'll be exposed to networking, conferences, and learning opportunities; local, technical, regional, national, and global communities; and business, industry, and institutional expertise. At any time, you can expand your membership in a variety of ways with ASQ's unparalleled training and certification options.

ASQ Sections / Divisions

Meet and learn the business of quality from people in your community.

More than 250 volunteer-run local ASQ sections in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and Costa Rica allow you to meet and learn the business of quality from people in your community. One Geographic section membership is included in your regular membership. ASQ has a rich history of connecting knowledgeable people. There is a long tradition of members-who share common needs of interests-forming subgroups and thereby create within ASQ a network of specialized quality forums or divisions. ASQ now has 25 of these member-led groups and new forums/divisions are formed every year. Two of the largest Divisions are the Quality Audit and Quality Management Divisions, others provide common interest on an industry basis, such as Automotive, Biomedical, Education, Government, Healthcare, Service Quality and Software to name a few. Membership in one Division is included for Regular Membership.

Local sections offer:

  • meetings
  • newsletters
  • online information
  • educational courses, seminars, and conferences
  • certification exam preparatory programs

You can also get involved by becoming a section member leader. As a member leader, you can enhance your leadership skills, increase your visibility in the quality community, and publicly develop and support the quality movement.

ASQ Harrisburg Section 503 schedules meetings during the months of September through May each year, rotating these meetings between the cities of Harrisburg, York and Lancaster. The meetings generally feature a dinner from 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM followed by a technical presentation of about one hour in length. The section also has an extensive listing of course offerings in its educational program providing an exceptional value to participants and is conducted by qualified local quality professionals.

Contact the current membship chair for for membership information. Go to the officers page for contact information .

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